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  Chapter 1

    Ronald Triumph won.  President Triumph.  He said that he wanted to make this school great again.  He said he wanted to build a tall wall around the campus pool.  He said a lot, and he made a hat, and he won.   He won big time. 

    Ronald Triumph made more promises than a pinky finger.  And a lot of kids are wearing his hat.  And a lot of kids are not wearing his hat.  Some are calling him a bully.  Some are saying he is only bullying back against the DEMZ.

Ernie Fanders is has a new plan for the DEMZ. Four of them. And these student council 5th graders are not your sister’s sisters. Unless your sister’s sisters are smart, driven, and allergic to apologies. Oh, and they want to save the globe with the Newish Greenish Deal. And some kiddos are saying they are bullying their way to a cleaner Earth.