Adam Bruckner is the youth director at the Helping Hand Rescue Mission in Philadelphia.

In 1983, as a 3rd grader in Mequon, Wisconsin, Bruckner sat in the last row of the 72 passenger big bird yellow school bus on the way home from school.  A 5th grader named James Dobbins teased and harassed Bruckner before stealing his yellow Nerf soccer ball from the row in front of him.  With Dobbins facing forward, Bruckner grabbed Dobbins and banged his head into the side window.  Dobbins cried and Bruckner grabbed his ball and ran off the bus.  Three weeks later, Dobbins had his friend hold Bruckner's hands behind his back, and Dobbins threw the punch of a 1,000 cowards to the belly of defenseless.   That time Dobbins ran, and Bruckner cried.   Dobbins moved out of town the next day.  Bruckner hopes that 'Better Bullying' will reach an audience large enough to grant him the recognition that he needs to track down Dobbins and punch him in the belly button.....teaching him the virtues of Better Bullying.